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4.3.  Launch Configuration

A XSLT transformation can be launched by selecting/activate an xml or xsl document in Eclipse.

The Orangevolt EclipseXSLT launch shortcut is enabled for both xsl and xml files.

In case of using the lauch shortcut (automatic launch configuration creation) Orangevolt EclipseXSLT tries to configure the XSLT launch configuration based on the selected/active xml/xsl file and project related informations.

The preferred way is to open the XSLT launch configuration dialog and create/edit the launch configuration manually (see XSLT Launch Configuration Dialog).

To prevent aborting Eclipse I've implemented the transformation execution as separate process (especially Xalan may cause StackOverflowException or OutOfMemoryExceptions which kills also your Eclipse instance :-). So transformation will be executed by a separate Java VM which saves you abrupt crashes.