EclipseXSLT - XSLT Support for Eclipse

Written by lars gersmann
Homepage: http://www.orangevolt.com
Latest Version: 1.0.6 (Build 2007-08-06)

OrangevoltXSLT for Eclipse provides XSLT support to the Eclipse platform.

It is the Eclipse based successor of the java/swing based XMLWrite XSLT development environment providing many great enhancements for xsl/xml editing inside Eclipse.

Orangevolt EclipseXSLT lets you transform xml documents by widely configurable XSLT launch configurations. The software extends the Eclipse xml editor with a customizable xml outline, an xpath navigator view and many many more.

Table of Contents
1.    Features
2.    Requirements
3.    Installation
4.    Usage
4.1.       Editor Extensions
4.2.       Editor Outline
4.2.1.          Outline Configuration
4.3.       Launch Configuration
4.3.1.          XSLT Launch Configuration Dialog             Main XSLT Launch Configuration Tab                Export configuration             XSLT Stylesheet Parameter Tab             XSLT Post Processing             Using XSLT Processor Extensions
4.4.       XSLT process console
4.5.       XSLT processor preferences
4.5.1.          Add a new XSLT processor
4.6.       XPATH Navigator
5.    Future Extensions
6.    FAQ
7.    License
8.    Known Bugs
9.    References
10.    History