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4.5.  XSLT processor preferences

The Orangevolt XSLT Plugin contributes a preferences page for configuring the XSLT processor and tune its behaviour.

The XSLT processor's output properties and transformer features can be edited. The provided features and output properties depend on the choosen XSLT processor.

See Add a new XSLT processor to modify/add a new XSLT processor and its output properties/features.

XSLT Processor Preferences - Output Properties
XSLT Processor Preferences - Features

The transformer settings will be stored per workspace so that a XSLT processor setting is always the same inside a workspace.

By default EclipseXSLT provides 3 XSLT transformere eninges: Default (provided by the used Java runtime), Xalan 2.6.0 and Saxon B-8.4.