EclipseXSLT - XSLT Support for Eclipse

10. History

  • xml files will be recognized by looking up its content-type

  • XSLT post processing tab will display only true ant build files (found by content type lookup) instead of all xml files

  • xml transformation stylesheets now looked up by their content type

  • launch configuration : only open projects are displayed

  • resourcevisitors replaced by resourceproxyvisitors

  • vm arguments tab added to enter vm arguments like heap size, proxy etc.

    (enter it using the eclipse internet proxy settings like this "-Dhttp.proxyHost=${system_property:http.proxyHost}" and so on)

    You have to set the following properties :

    • http.proxyHost (default: <none>)
    • http.proxyPort (default: 80 if http.proxyHost specified)
    • http.nonProxyHosts (default: <none>) http.nonProxyHosts indicates the hosts which should be connected too directly and not through the proxy server. The value can be a list of hosts, each seperated by a |, and in addition a wildcard character (*) can be used for matching. For example: -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts="*|localhost".

    vm argument handling added to launcher and export wizard.

  • docbook, svg, xml-fo, xul and xslt templates added to XML File Wizard

  • xalan 2.7 integrated

  • saxon b 8.9 integrated

  • launcher updated to work fine with xalan 2.7

  • launch shortcut bug fixed : launch configuration selection dialog will open up if multiple launch configurations match the current file selection.

    furthermore the launch selection code uses content type lookup instead of file suffixes :-)

  • main xsl launch configuration tab : target base filename now disabled if target base name ist unchecked

  • main xsl launch configuration tab : "Append XSL Output Method File Suffix" added. By unchecking this option the target filename will be set as output file. by default the xslt output keys "media-type" and "method" will be looked up for generating the target file suffix.

  • main xsl launch configuration tab : "Prefer embedded Stylesheet Processing Instruction" is now in use (was a bug: the option was ignored/not saved)

  • main xsl launch configuration tab : "Specify Target Filename" is now in use (was a bug: the option was ignored/not saved)

  • xslt post processing tab beautified (in terms of layout :-)

  • made the plugin eclipse 3.3 compatible

    updated the documentation


Made WTP 1.0 compatible.

XPath view fixed: Now the XPath context is set to nearest surrounding element, so it also works inside e.g. text and comments.


bug 1262791 fixed : preferences will not commited using ok (only apply)


bug fixed : xslt console line tracker relaxed to grep/handle more file/line informations and convert it to hyperlinks.

bug fixed : "mime type config doesnt work properly" bug is not really a bug, so i added a FAQ chapter to the documentation explaining the issue and how to work with it.

bug fixed : XSLT Post Processing Launch Configuration Tab displays possible ANT build files multiple times

bug fixed : XSLT Main Launch Configuration Tab now handles "Prefer embedded Stylesheet Processing Instruction" correctly


Fragment org.orangevolt.eclipse.xslt.xul adds custom xul outline to eclipsexslt

outline configuration now accepts wildcard expressions as element names. this gives you the choice to write shorten outline configurations .

xul outline configuration using this feature:

 <extension point="com.orangevolt.eclipse.xslt.outlineconfiguration">
		name="Orangevolt XUL Outline Configuration"
		<element name="*" label="${(local-name)} [${@id}]|${(local-name)} '${@title}'|${(local-name)} '${@label}'|${(namespace)}:${(local-name)}|${(local-name)}" icon="icons/outline/xul/element.gif"/>

"xpath view doesnt show all xml editors" bug fixed. bug was the result of using

if( !(editorReference.getEditor( false) instanceof StructuredTextEditorXML))
   editorReferences.remove( editorReference);
where argument false as getEditor(...) method argument results often in null.

"manual installation of eclipsexslt 1.0.4 doesnt work properly" bug fixed. was result of incorrect feature deployment settings (unpack plugin/fragment) (-> was not always set).

bug fixed : nullpointer exception when launching xsl transformation with no stylesheet argument and no stylesheet reference in xml file


Java 5 dependencies removed. EclipseXSLT is now also compatible with Java 1.4*

Launch Configuration Dialog Bug fixed : Doesnt appear when no project is in workspace.


documentation updated to reflect changes since last release


launch configuration now can be exported to ant build files. To export an launch configuration simply open the launch configuration and click "export configuration" in the main xslt tab.

xslt post processing is now integrated. this feature is configurable via launch configuration tab "XSLT Post Processing" and allows you to automatically run an ant build file after the transformation. this is very useful when generating pdf out of generated xml-fo files. also further use case is to copy additional resources (images !!) after transformation.

configuration export wizard modified to support post processing.


extension point created for creating dynamically added xsl transformers (see saxon transformer example).

xslt launcher now understands features and handles them including the feature type (boolean, string, class, int, object etc.)


transformer feature configuration added to xslt preferences. xslt preferences dialog refactored to provide better user experience.


the orangevolt sourcestyle xslt extension is automatically available when choosing xalan as xslt processor

bug fixed in launch configuration dialog which sometimes resulted in array-out-of-bounds exceptions


outline configuration extension point description added but not implemented

outline configurations modified to use extension point

bug fixed for console line tracker. now console line tracker identifies also file:/ protocol's

huge performance improvement for large xml document outlines by optimizing findNearestMatchingChildren()'s. now the outline works properly on huge xml documents.


custom outline rendering rewritten to be namespace independent.

outline configuration changed so that element attribute can take multiple root elements (... <root element="book|part|article"> ... for example)


launcher code modified to match both xalan and saxon requirements. in detail : saxon expects transformation source and source xml as full uri (starting with "file:///") and for the result file xalan expects it too

exception when starting xsltplugin without open xslt editor fixed.

xpath navigator uses (again :-) xalan 2.6.0 xpath engine. jaxen was removed.


successfully ported to eclipse3.1 + wtp-sdk-I20050711

transformer description files now include parameter "classpath" which may contain a set of plugin relative or absolute paths directing to xslt processor libraries. the use of wildcards is allowed for the jar name (i.e you can write "lib/xalan-*.jar" instead of "lib/xalan-2.6.0.jar" or "lib/myproc/*.jar" for all jars inside plugin directory "lib/myproc")

launcher takes "<default>" as transformer option (switch -c) if no transformer class was specified (this is also used for the default transformer provided by java runtime).


xslt update site created.

xslt feature created.

online help plugin created.

help stylesheets updated to generate plugin.xml using data provided in documentation xml file.

xslt plugin updated to be compatible with WTP 1.0M4 and Eclipse 3.1M6

xpath engine updated to jaxen 1.1b6.

2005-04-22 "Show in Navigation" action added to xml editor context menu. The action selects and reveals the current file in the active navigation view. Both Java Package Explorer and Resource Navigator are supported (the active one will be used).
2005-04-21 "Show in Navigation" action added to xml editor context menu. The action selects and reveals the current file in the active navigation view. Both Java Package Explorer and Resource Navigator are supported (the active one will be used).
2005-04-14 Jaxen Java XPath Engine universal xpath engine used for xpath explorer
2005-03-24 xslt example project added
2005-03-23 starting this documentation