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4.1.  Editor Extensions

The Orangevolt XML editor is a feature enriched adaption of the base Eclipse WTP XML editor.

One of the most important features is probably the simplest: Insert Date. This action saves me much time when editing xml. And its function is very simple: it just encapsulates the current selection with the entered tag.

Most editor features are accessible by the editor context menu:

Insert Date

Insert the current date in the yyyy-MM-dd format at the current cursor position.

Insert Date replaces the current selection with the current date.

Chars to HTML Entities

Converts the current selection to html entities.

For example <hänsel & gretel> will be replaced by &lt;h&auml;nsel &amp; gretel&gt;.

HTML Entities to Chars

Converts all html entities in the current selection to chars. This method is the reverse of Chars to HTML Entities

For example &lt;h&auml;nsel &amp; gretel&gt; will be replaced by <hänsel & gretel>.

CDATA Section

Encapsulates the current selection as CDATA.

For example the selection foobar will be replaced by <![CDATA[foobar]]>.

Insert Element

Encapsulates the current selection with the entered element. This action asks the user to enter a tag name. The entered tag name is the used to create a open and close tag around the current selection.

The autocompletion provided by the base Eclipse WTP xml editor is just nice but believe me - the Insert Element action makes your day !

Show in Navigation

The action selects and reveals the file in the active navigation view. The Ressource View and Java Package Explorer are supported. The active one is choosen for the selection.

This kind of action is borrowed from the Eclipse Java Editor.